CREATER SPACE OPENING PARTY,we hace put the world into 66 Rooms

Event Date:07/10/2016-08/10/2016 Event Venue:No.888 Hanshan Rd , Changning District , Shanghai


July 9th, 2016

Grand opening of CREATER SPACE | Huashan with a surprise party!

Let's explore the new world with passion, excitement and uniqueness, 

inside the 66 amazing glass rooms.

Q: How we explore the world in this party?

A: By creating an art space.

20 groups of artists and designers from both home and abroad will join us at CREATER SPACE | Huashan.

Incorporated with features of Creator Space Huashan,

we offer a combination of 4 main elements: "Creative Pioneer + Art + Experiment + Shared Economy",

hus composing a trilogy of "Living Online + New Wave + Future Sharing",

let's explore the new world with your eyes, your ears, and your tongue.

Art · Work · Life


Ink and wash painting artist Li Zhimi creates his Art and Kitchen Lab

Fu Zhenglin Designed Installation Art “Playing in Shanghai” 

Performance installation art Artist Cai Yong presents the famous paiting “The Last Supper” on sight

Jonas Marion and Nina Chen brings "The Scene disappeared in front of the windows" with the regenerative design of Shanghai history

“Freedom”  Multimedia Installation Art by Hutch E. D. Wilco (New Zealander artist and curator) 

Customs-Made Wine in 8 themes for your inspiration explosion

Art · Pioneer · New Wave


Multimedia Installation Art Discover the world

 Latvia Artist ZANE video project——A picture of honour

Sculpture Artist Xie Aige explores the happiness and discovery with series work xiaoyao trees

Light Sheet Artwork City by Artist Wu Xiaojuan

“I miss you”Neon light installation by Artist Huo Siyan

Aluminum plate with baking

Founder of Uniform/Architect/Artist Wu Di brings Installation Art

Artist Zhang Yinan’s work《500 persons》Video combining 500 stories and portraits by IPAD

Art · Experiment · Future Sharing


LEGENDBROTHERS by Twins Designer Group  Zhou Chuan/Zhou Qi

“People Coming and Going series” by Italian Artist SALVO PASTORELLO

< 7 Days 7 Colors> by artists MAO Wei-xin 

Breakable Beauty by German Artist Darjes

giclée printing

Artist Benz Gu creates series installation and paintings


Besides the art exhibition,

there are also 10 tiny SPACE LAB here.

We invite you to change here into

Art Exhibition Hall,

Aesthetic Boutique,


Manual Workshop,

Concept Library,

Brainstorm Park,


We hope that you can use your creativity to discover this world.

Click hyperlink to apply for SPACE LAB, and learn detailed schedule.

Once accepted, your own lab will be opened together with art exhibition at July 9th, 

and you will get the chance to make friends with more than 20 artists and more than 300 innovation talents.



(Thanks for all of sponsors)

Three ways to join 'Explore the World'

You will have three ways to get the invitation to join our party at July 9th.

  • Join Opening Party

   Leave comments here to tell others 'the way to explore the world', and top 5 who get the most Like will get 2 entrance tickets of the party.

  • Join Art Exhibition

   'Art Exhibition' and 'SPACE LAB' will open to public for free, it will last for 1 month(from 7/10 to 8/10), please enjoy it!

  • Join SPACE LAB

  • 10 tiny SPACE LAB are here for rent, click hyperlink to apply for it.