Discover the world 6——City Orienteering Challenge

Event Date:07/23/2016 19:30--23:59 Event Venue:No.888 Hanshan Rd , Changning District , Shanghai

Shanghai is a city which is full of story.

You may smell the scent of Chinese pancakes when you walk along Channel flagship store

The place you share afternoon tea with your friends may be the old house of Du yue sheng

When you walk along the Huangpu River,you may be caught by the people's lens on the Shanghai Tower

   Today,we want to explore that

   The greatness from old things

   The stories of ruins

   And the mystery of the city

   That's the way we discover the world


Let's join us

Here's a spoiler

We will set out from the CREATER SPACE|Huashan.

We will finish the tasks in group when we explore the city.

Finally,we will have a surprise party

I can't tell you a lot.

However,on the journey,

you and me will discover the scene you may never see



Because of the high demand

(athletics,wisdom,friendship,jogging and so on)

Please enroll cautiously

Activity flow and arrangement


2.Date: 07/23/2016

Venue: No.888 Huashan Rd , Changning District , Shanghai

3.You may the location of the task according to the clue

4.You may get the clue of next location after fininshing the task 

5.finishing the task according to the hint

6.The winner of the competition is ……team which kindles Midsummer Night's Dream

During the activity:several trailer,city and architeture story are avaliable

Dos and don'ts

1.All participants must play in groups.Every team must elect a team leader

2.Every team is scored in the competition.The winner will get 5 point.The second place will get 3 points.Other team cannot get points

3.The team who go to the target by undergound ,bicycle or on foot may get extra 3 points

4.We don't accept that you drop out the race temporily

5.If you have anything trouble ,please contact us 24 hours before the competition

6. If you cancel the enrollment because of your personal reason,all entry fees will not be refunded. 

7.If the weather is bad ,the competition will be delayed

Joint organiser:AssBook x CREATER x YI-GATHER

Date:07/23/2016  19:30pm-23:59pm

Number of enrollment:30 people(5 people a group)

Fee:99RMB per person

enrollment methods :scan the wechat code and send the message:‘夜行侠报名’,We will inform you if you enroll sucessfully


Deadline of registration:07/22/2016  17:00pm

Venue:CREATER SPACE| HUASHAN  No.888 Huashan Rd , Changning District , Shanghai