Box fusion——DIY by yourself!

Event Date:07/20/2016 19:00-21:00 Event Venue:No.888 Hanshan Rd , Changning District , Shanghai

No matter you are obsessed with the Pokemon Go or you have no chance to play it, it doesn't matter.

The emphasis is that we can DIY a pokemon by yourself

Here is the masterpiece


You may make the pokemon with old express box.The express boxes have a story. Heerte is a enterprise which recycles express boxes. This time ,they find 200 abandoned express boxes(The size doesn't accords with the demands or get damp.) which are meant to be thrown away and save them.

We hope to use our imagination to infuse new life into them.‘Hejubian’is a DIY party of express boxes. Join us!The masterpiece will display on Taobao Craft Festival as well.

DIY own pokemon

Express boxes Upcycle


1.Ice-breaking game

2.Introduce the tool, material and manufacturing methods


4.Do it by yourself

5.Paint if you have enough time

6.Take a picture

7.Have a prize draw

Date: 07/20/2016  19:00pm-21:00pm

Venue: No.888 Huashan Rd , Changning District , Shanghai

All is free.(6 people are avaliable)

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