CREATER&YI-Gather: Discover&Connect

Event Date:2016.5.14 14:00-16:00 Event Venue:No. 888 Huashan Road, Changning District, Shanghai

Ludwig Wittgenstein once said that a word can’t fully convey a thought. So this time 「CREATER」specially invited「Yi-Gather」to flying across more than 1500 kilometers to Shanghai from Guangzhou, we want to make connection with you face to face in a wonderful space.

「CREATER」with「Yi-Gather」, we share the Know-hows of Community Design and experiences in co-creation,  to discover and create a sharing community model of Not Just Work.We hope to reform the idea towards “working space” & “community”, and to come up with a new way of connections between people and community by sharing, coloration and co-creation. In the end, we hope to release the power of crossover, building a free and open community by our joint hands.  This is not only a start of cooperation between 「CREATER」 & 「Yi-Gather」, but also a party for Innovators. We would like to invite young people with full of energy like you, to gather on 14th May , to discover and connect.




 PART 1 

One-minute Flash Talk

Introduce your project and the help you need , catching people’s eyes in one minute.

一分钟闪电讲 (1)_副本.jpg

 PART 2 

Resource Mapping

Through a wire, get to know 30 cross-field new friends and chances of cooperation. 


 PART 3 

Five Themed Theaters

Foodie, Art, Tech, Lifestyle, Space Design… Every theater is filled with possibilities, connect yourself and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Besides, you can also enjoy the food, music, communication, creation and imagination on spot! 


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