• How many types of working spaces are there in Creater OFFICE?

    We can provide you and your team three types of working spaces: Hot desk,Co working and Private Office.

  • Whats special about hot desk in Creater OFFICE?

    If you are glad to change your pace of work as your mood or you love to make more friends through the free space or a cup of coffee,Hot desk is your wise choice.As long as you take your laptop or Ipad,we can provide you the high-speed network and free working atmosphere to work.

  • Whats special about Coworking in Creater OFFICE?

    No matter you are the one or a entrepreneurial team,if you love to enjoy your own working atmosphere ,you can choose the Co working office.We provide desks ,tables ,lockers and rubbish bins to enjoy your own private working space.

  • Whats special about Private office in Creater OFFICE?

    If your team has expended to 10 people or you hope to have a private and styled office,we recommend to you the private office. With 200-1000 square metres free independent space,you can get a better working atmosphere which accord with your enterprise culture

  • What's the average square footage of Creater Spaces?

    Every Creater Space project has its own unique design. Usually we have 5 square meters per capita for mobile and coworking office to work comfortably. You can come to have an tour personally!

  • Should i make an appointment in advance before i pay a visit to Creater OFFICE?

    You can make an appointment in advance through our official website【www.creater.com.cn】,offical WeChat account【CreaterHub】and official application【CREATER】.You can also contact 400-820-3531 .We can arrange our staff to introuduce you the most suitable office per your demands.

  • Can I connect high-speed WIFI in all the CREATER OFFICE? Is the Wifi Free or not?

    Follow our Official Wechat,reply"WiFi"to our account to get free WiFi password.

  • Do you have all your furnitures in private office customized uniformly?

    We uniformly equipped office tables and desks and file cabinet with locks. We encourage your creative facilities added in your private office. But please inform your community manager if you need change your office structure. They will give reasonable suggestions.

  • Can we rent a private office offers less seats than our team numbers?

    To make sure comfort of offices and standardize management, we are sorry that more people with less seats is not allowed. If your team have the number exceed our seats of private office, please consult our community manager for solutions.

  • Do we have telephone facility in our private office space?

    We have telephone control panels installed in every private office, you can go to China Telecom Office to open your own account according to your needs.

  • What kind of enterprise service do Creater offer to members?

    Creater offers industrial and commercial registration, tax preference, government support, Amazon AWS Cloud, HR, law & account, training & education etc. services to satify our members in different stages.

  • What kind of living service can Creater members enjoy?

    Creater is strategically coorperate with lots of famous brands to offer our members speed dial delivery, healthy food, entertainment and exclusive preferences to improve their living quality.

  • Which professional spaces do Creater offer to members?

    In order to satisfy business needs of our members, we customize professional rehearsal rooms, recording studios and shooting studios which are located in downtown area. Not only do they have convenient traffic but our members can have use capacity with a lower price among markets. Besides, we offer big events and all kinds of art exhbition venues for our members.

  • May I sign a lease contract with Creater Space in the name of personal identity?

    Sure, as long as you offer us your validity ID card. You will find your friends with same hobbies on Creater Space platform~

  • Which spaces have been opened to Creater Members for now?

    Mobile Office Space: Creater Space |HuaShan, Creater Space|Huge (Unopened), Creater Space|YuYuan (Unopened), Creater Space|Jing'an Zobon (Unopened) Co-working: Creater Space |HuaShan, Creater Space|Huge, Creater Space|Jing'an Zobon, Creater Space|The Cool Docks II, Creater Space|Yuan Private Office: Creater Space|Huge, Creater Space|Yuan, Creater Space|Pin Zun, Creater Space|An'Xi Lu, Creater Space|Hi-ShangHai, Creater Space|ZhongShan Park, Creater Space|YuYuan, Creater Space|The Cool Docks II Click for map & address of each space (Maps here)

  • How to use Creater OFFICE after becoming Creater member?

    Appointment is necessary and our stuff at front desk will help you to scan for enter authority and you can have a seat at a "Mobile member" signature.

  • Can I get membership purchase Fapiao?

    Of course. Please cross Fapiao item on your APP, write down Fapiao Title and deliver address, we will deliver your Fapiao within 7 working days after your successful purchase.

  • What's the difference between membership purchase and private office membership?

    Membership services are all the same. Private office membership is access-controlled according to your co-working space location. While membership purchase is flexible in different locations, or private office members go to other communities, we define them as "flexible members".

  • How long should my membership be if I buy 2 weeks open desk?


  • Do members need to make appointment for hot-tables or lounge area?

    To ensure a comfortable environment of spaces, every CREATER OFFICE has accomodation limit. The reason to make an appointment is to make sure we meet your space needs. We are sorry for not receipting without appointment. Besides, half an hour late will be canceled automatically and space will be open again. As "Local Member", you can use public area at any time.

  • How to make the meeting room appointment?

    You can make the meeting room appointment through our APP. With successful appointment "Mobile-space Member" and "Local-space Member" who is without free access can pay through Wechat or Alipay from our APP. We are on first-come-first-served basis for our meeting room appointment, so we suggest you make appointment ASAP to be sure its validity.

  • Can we reschedule or cancle meeting room appointment?

    You can cancle 30 minutes ahead of your appointment schedule if you have certainty of cancling. Or our system will deduct your free access or account automatically without paying back. You need cancle appointed meeting room and make another appointment if you want another meeting room.

  • Do Creater retal mumbers have free access to meeting room?

    Among our office products, we have different free time access to each product. For open office, 4 hours every week free access to meeting room in each contract; for private office, 10 hours evry week free access to meeting room in each contract.

  • Could company member make cross-location meeting room appointment? Any fees for that?

    To achieve an efficient goal as our member, you have certain time of use-free of our meeting room; While cross-location will charge 100-200/hour (according to exact fee standard)

  • What's your access control system?

    To ensure an safety and well-regulated operation, our normal entrance guard system is on closing. "Local Member" entering through APP. "Mobile Member" can go to front desk to get QR code scan access authority. Please click SIGN OUT to make an maximum resource sharing every time you left. Our APP will inform you by noticing if didn't sign-out. Three Not icings limits will stop your free or non-free access authority for one week.

  • May Creater members bring some visitors to OFFICE?

    我们很欢迎您带访客来到我们的创邑空间。如果您是【本场会员】,您的访客在社区前台凭有效证件登记后进入创邑空间;如果您是【移动会员】,那么您需要为不是创邑会员的访客在APP上支付费用或使用相应配额次数。 •老移动会员:在您预定的同时,请勾选带访客人数,每次我们最多允许1位访客与您一起来到空间,费用为50元/半天/人; •新移动会员:在您预定的同时,请勾选带访客人数,每次我们最多允许1位访客与您一起来到空间,你可以使用办公次卡配额预定(配额为:1次/人),也可以选择支付费用(用为100元/次/人),办公次卡配额用完后,将按照100元/次/人执行。如果您想带2位及以上访客来到我们的空间,请直接预订会议室。如果您没有事先预定,抱歉我们无法接待与您共同前来的访客。 ( 新老会员界定:APP5.5.0版发布日期(即【2018年10月1日】)前购买365或是租赁办公的统称老会员,发布后购买365或是租赁办公的统称新会员。)

  • Any time limit in Creater?

    【Creater Space】Our working hour is 9am-6pm from Mon.-Fri.(public holiday is not included). App members can make appointments during while Local members enjoy 7days/24hours access.

  • Do we allowed to use copy machine in Creater OFFICEas flexible membership?

    Yes, you do. Print & Copy A4 Black and white 0.3/paper

  • May I take my pets to work? What's your policy for pets?

    We have no objection to take pets to office. We advocate a comfortable and free office environment. However, to avoid some unnessceary trouble, the pets who have got vaccines are allowed to get into our office. If your pets get into trouble with others, please take all blame and we reserve the right of non-pets retriction.

  • May I cancle my membership?

    The membership will be automatically cancelled if you didnt renew your contract on the terms of due date. While your identity in Creater community will be turned from member into fan. You are still welcomed in our community while have no authority to enjoy member rights and services.

  • Do I still have membership service if I rent exclusive office product while my employee quit his job

    You can still have the rest period of validity after your employee's resignation.